Alcohol prices around the world, July 2017

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The chart below shows whiskey, vodka and beer prices around the world for 2015. Specifically, we display the prices of Johnnie Walker whiskey red label 0.7 liters, Smirnoff vodka red label 0.7 liters, and a six pack of Heineken beer. These three products are the same in all countries and are available in most countries around the world which makes it possible to compare prices. The prices for alcohol are obtained from established online stores or large retailers that have online presence.

In our sample of countries, the average price of a bottle of Johnnie Walker is 19.61 ranging from 9.59 in Japan to 56.46 in Iceland. Vodka sells for an average of 15.44 with a minimum of 6.92 in Paraguay and a maximum of 49.87 in Iceland. A six pack of Heineken sell for an average of 0.23 where the lowest price is in Indonesia: 12.63 and the highest price is in Indonesia: 12.63 .

Use the drop menus to look at different alcohol types or to recalculate the price of alcohol in various currencies. We use current exchange rates provided by the Bank of Canada on a daily basis.